Destination Services

Navigating unfamiliar surroundings during medical travel can be daunting for your clients. Our Destination Services aim to alleviate this stress, providing personalized support to make their stay comfortable and secure.

Our team coordinates local accommodations, considering client-specific requirements and preferences. We liaise with trusted providers, ensuring comfortable, convenient, and budget-aligned options. We also offer valuable local information, from transportation to essential contact details, to help clients navigate the area with ease.

Additional services include transport coordination, interpreter arrangement, and guidance on local customs, ensuring a smooth stay. 

Contact us to explore how our Destination Services can add value to your global health insurance offering, ensuring your clients’ comfort and security throughout their medical journey.

Major destination services:

We coordinate efficient local transport, from airport pick-ups to medical appointment transfers, reducing travel-related stress for your clients by providing top-notch service with chauffeured VIP shuttles, planned according to their flight arrival times or hospital appointment schedules. This ensures they experience seamless and luxurious transportation, making their journey as smooth and comfortable as possible.


We secure comfortable and convenient accommodations that cater to individual preferences and requirements, ensuring a home-away-from-home experience for your clients. Our network includes selected 5-star hotels as well as extended-stay options such as apartments or apart hotels, depending on the client’s preference. 

We arrange for expert interpreters, ensuring clear and effective communication, essential in medical settings. All major languages are available through our selected solution partners.

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Medguide Assist’s cost containment strategies significantly impacted our bottom line. Our collaboration began when escalating healthcare costs started impacting our profitability. Their team efficiently identified cost-saving opportunities, negotiated better rates with healthcare providers, and promoted cost-effective alternatives without compromising care quality.

Ahmed Al Khouri
Dr. Ahmed Al Khouri
COO, Unity Health Insurance, India

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