Travel Assistance

We have been curating our Travel Assistance & Logistics services tailored to global health insurance firms’ distinct needs. Our prowess lies in efficient flight and accommodation arrangements, removing the inconvenience of coordinating medical appointments and travel logistics. We add significant value to your offerings, providing convenience to your clientele and enhancing your services.

Our dedicated ground transportation management ensures seamless movement once at the destination, ensuring punctual and reliable travel to and from medical appointments. This paramount service is crucial for your clients’ satisfaction and peace of mind.

International medical travel often involves complex regulations and mandatory documentation. We bridge this gap by offering comprehensive visa and documentation support, significantly easing the insured individuals’ journey and reducing their stress.

Our global coverage is our forte. We equip international health insurance companies with the significant advantage of cross-border services, positioning your firm as a versatile, globally competent entity.

We believe in comprehensive customer care, fostering a holistic approach that caters to every need of the insured individuals. This approach enhances the customer experience, promotes trust in your services, and reinforces your commitment to delivering unparalleled care.

We understand the uniqueness of each insurance company, their specific demographic, clientele, covered geographical areas, and type of medical travel involved. 

How we add value:

We take the burden off your shoulders by efficiently coordinating all aspects of travel logistics. From booking flights to arranging accommodation that aligns with medical appointments, we ensure a seamless journey for your clients.

Once at the destination, reliable and timely ground transportation is key to maintaining a stress-free experience for your clients. We manage all local transportation needs, ensuring prompt arrivals for all medical appointments.

We believe in a 360-degree approach to customer service. We are committed to addressing all client needs, thereby improving their overall experience and promoting a deeper trust in your services. 

How can we help you?

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Medguide Assist’s cost containment strategies significantly impacted our bottom line. Our collaboration began when escalating healthcare costs started impacting our profitability. Their team efficiently identified cost-saving opportunities, negotiated better rates with healthcare providers, and promoted cost-effective alternatives without compromising care quality.

Ahmed Al Khouri
Dr. Ahmed Al Khouri
COO, Unity Health Insurance, India

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