Telemedicine Services

We understand the importance of efficient and convenient healthcare delivery and our Online Consultation Services present a streamlined solution for global health insurance companies seeking to offer their clients easily accessible and prompt medical advice.

With the advent of technology, we bring medical consultation to the fingertips of your clients, connecting them with qualified healthcare professionals. Through our secure platform, we facilitate diagnosis, treatment advice, and follow-up care for a range of non-emergency conditions.

Our platform respects the privacy of users, ensuring that personal health information remains secure. We handle everything from scheduling to document sharing, and our team is committed to a high standard of professional ethics.

Many B2B partners from all over the world prefer our Online Consultation Services when planning for the health needs of your clients. 

Our major advantage is not the online technology, but our wide network of top doctors in all major branches. They provide regular online consultation, medical second opinion, malpractice investigation, and more. 

Not just a consultation:

We prioritize your clients’ privacy. We use a secure platform ensures that personal health information remains confidential and protected throughout the consultation process.

Our Online Consultation Service bring the doctor’s office to your clients’ preferred location. We provide timely, quality healthcare without the constraints of geographical boundaries or time zones.

Our Online Consultation Services cover a broad spectrum of non-emergency conditions. Whether it’s chronic disease management or general medical advice, we cater to your clients’ diverse needs.

Our commitment extends beyond healthcare. We hold our team to high professional standards, ensuring trustworthiness and reliability in every interaction.

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Medguide Assist’s cost containment strategies significantly impacted our bottom line. Our collaboration began when escalating healthcare costs started impacting our profitability. Their team efficiently identified cost-saving opportunities, negotiated better rates with healthcare providers, and promoted cost-effective alternatives without compromising care quality.

Ahmed Al Khouri
Dr. Ahmed Al Khouri
COO, Unity Health Insurance, India

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