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Our twenty years of distinguished experience in the Turkish healthcare sector cements us as the preferred partner for international patients seeking expert consultation. We take pride in our privileged network of top medical specialists across all major branches in Turkey, offering patients access to an unrivaled pool of expertise for second opinions. Before every consultation, our specialists meticulously review all patient records, ensuring an unparalleled depth of understanding and precision in their recommendations.

Complex cases are met with a multidisciplinary approach, leveraging collective insights to deliver comprehensive advice. To reaffirm the accuracy of diagnoses, we coordinate with Turkey’s premier pathology and genetics labs for double-checking specimens as necessary.

We bring our medical expertise, innovation, and empathy together to empower better healthcare decisions. Our select doctors have been the opinion leaders in their field of  expertise for decades.

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Our Legacy: Learn about our extensive two-decade-long experience in the Turkish healthcare market, and how it strengthens our commitment to providing exceptional medical services.

Our Network: Understand the breadth and depth of our exclusive network of top-tier medical specialists across all major branches in Turkey.

Our Partnerships: Discover our collaborations with Turkey’s leading pathology and genetics labs that enhance our diagnostic accuracy.

MedGuide Assist carries a legacy of twenty years of distinguished service in the Turkish healthcare sector. This solid track record has made us the preferred partner for international patients seeking top-notch medical second opinions. You can trust in our experience, as we navigate the complexities of healthcare to provide you with the best possible advice.

Our Medical Second Opinion Service is powered by a network of leading medical specialists from all major branches in Turkey. Before every consultation, these experts carefully review patient records to ensure a deep understanding of each case. This meticulous process allows for precision in recommendations, ensuring you receive a thorough and informed second opinion.

We employ a multidisciplinary approach for complex cases, leveraging collective insights from various experts for comprehensive advice. Furthermore, we partner with premier pathology and genetics labs in Turkey for double-checking specimens when necessary. This method ensures the utmost accuracy of diagnoses and offers you peace of mind, knowing your health is our top priority.

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Medguide Assist’s cost containment strategies significantly impacted our bottom line. Our collaboration began when escalating healthcare costs started impacting our profitability. Their team efficiently identified cost-saving opportunities, negotiated better rates with healthcare providers, and promoted cost-effective alternatives without compromising care quality.

Ahmed Al Khouri
Dr. Ahmed Al Khouri
COO, Unity Health Insurance, India

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